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Bitdefender SPHERE

Bitdefender US are proud to announce once again another fantastic offer to boost your affiliate sales. If you haven’t heard about this product before, you will know all about it after reading this newsletter.

Bitdefender Sphere All-around Security is the latest must have antivirus product and yes provides all around protection to households running any combination of PCs, MACs, and Android smartphones or tablets. This unified security solution enables households running a combination of these devices to be protected from e-threats and comes in 1 unlimited license for 1 year. You read it correctly, UNLIMITED LICENSE FOR AS MANY DEVICES AS YOU WANT!

If you purchased 3 individual softwares, 1x PC Security, 1x MAC Security and 1x Mobile Security covering 3PCs, it will cost $159.75. The Sphere product is available at a sensational $99.95, more importantly there is a further saving of $20 that is only exclusive to the affiliate channel.  RRP $99.95, you can promote this at $79.95

Offer ends February 14 2012.

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