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Everyone’s Talking About Coupons!

oneNetworkDirect is making our coupon codes easy and accessible for all affiliates.

Our Coupon Catalog Feed allows you to create and manage feeds of coupons that you would like to get from a url.  Log in to oneNetworkDirect and go to the tools section to find the coupon catalog feed. You can then select your options to configure your coupon catalog feed.   The availability of coupons in your catalog are based on program(s) that you have an active relationship with.

A recent coupon trend report from one of the largest coupon and cash back sites on the web, reports coupons are on the rise.

Why do Coupons Matter?:

  • Over $485 billion worth of coupons were distributed in 2010
  • Electronic coupons are becoming the most popular means for redemption
  • The average household redeems 8 coupons per month
  • 78% of US consumers used coupons in 2010
  • Non-food coupons account for 22% of coupon redemption in the US

Have you used our Link Generator yet?

Deep Linking (Link Generator) No more waiting for links! Deep Linking allows you to link to any merchant page,allowing you to take advantage of merchant driven promotions quickly and easily.

Click here to learn more.

Good News Affiliates! We have a new partnership with For Me To Coupon.

For Me To Coupon offers an automated, customized affiliate coupon feed which consolidates thousands of deals from over 5,000 merchants across all major affiliate networks in a standard format.  It covers all kinds of deals -not just coupons- but also rebates, clearances, and free shipping deals.  You will not find a more comprehensive, more reliable, or more cost effective coupon feed for you to coupon.

Log in and grab your coupons in oneNetworkDirect today!  For questions email your affiliate manager or contact us at

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