Sell More and Earn More with Kaspersky UK

Sell More and Earn More with Kaspersky UK – 10% Off Discount and a 20% Commission Rate!  

Kaspersky UK are wishing you a Merry Christmas with a exclusive affiliate promotion. Not only can Kaspersky UK affiliates earn a massive 20% commission per sale, they can now also promote a 10% off discount on all orders over £40.00. Take advantage of this festive promotion to sell more and earn more with Kaspersky UK. Publish this offer on your website today, promotion ends 31st December 2010.

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This offer applies to the full range of Kaspersky products including their new 2011 products, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011, Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 and Kaspersky Total Protection (Pure). The new Kaspersky 2011 products provide innovative cutting edge technology, which offers faster detection and response rates to IT threats than previous versions. Kaspersky 2011 software constantly monitors for potential computer threats meaning they are removed at source. It’s everything computer users need, to stay safe and secure online. Advertise Kaspersky products on your website today and increase your conversions with this great 10% discount off all orders over £40.00!

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Kaspersky UK Launch New Version of PURE – only £49.99!

Kaspersky UK is pleased to announce the launch of their newest version of Kaspersky PURE. It offers total protection for life online guarding all your digital assets including your computer, your online accounts, your valuable files and even your family! Rest easy with Kaspersky PURE and know that your digital life is safe and secure, your family are protected online and your valuable information is safe.

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  • Keep Your Stuff Safe
  • Protect Your Digital Identity
  • Ensure your Family’s Online Safety
  • Protect Everything At Once!

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